When weather permits, Andy Baldhoff and his black Labrador Retriever, Cody, often hike the hills and trails near their Cincinnati home during the weekends. Whether it's a one-day trek or an extended weekend outing, Baldhoff makes sure that he and Cody have plenty of ways to keep cool.
No animal should ever jump up on the dining room furniture unless absolutely certain that he can hold his own in the conversation." -Fran Lebowitz, author
Meet Kevin, the Manager of Technical Operations at Nestlé Purina. Growing up on a farm has given Kevin a unique perspective on the ingredients and processes that go into making high quality dog food.

Purina® employee, Cliff, is confident about feeding Beneful® dog food to his Cocker Spaniel, Cheddar, because he sees the quality that goes into making it every day.

Meet Janet, the leader of the Nutrition Research team at Nestlé Purina. With a PhD in Animal Nutrition, Janet and her team of experts understand the nutrition that is in Beneful dog food.
Ace, a 10-year-old Shih Tzu, had a problem. He always enjoyed napping on the bed in the afternoon while his best friend, Alexandra, was away. As soon as he heard the keys in the door, he'd hop down, run full-speed, and greet his two-legged best friend with yips of excitement. But lately it was getting a little uncomfortable to jump off the bed.
All of us have things that scare us, but for our four-legged friends, loud noises, new situations, and changes in the weather can be daunting. Unable to communicate exactly what's causing their fears, dogs depend upon us to decipher their concerns, and most importantly, make them feel safe and secure.
For as many great times as we share with our puppies, watching them learn and discover their new world, there are some things they do that amaze us.

What could be more loving or more adorable than a puppy? The beating little heart, the nourishing, lashing tail, the lapping tongue. We couldn't imagine our life without the love and attention of a playful puppy.

Eric believes in Beneful® dog food’s motto, “Ship it where you produce it,” because he knows that attention to detail is key to the quality and safety of Beneful®.

Just like you, your new companion needs regular grooming. And the earlier you start him, the more accustomed to it he will be. In fact, it will become something you both enjoy—a bonding opportunity to pour on the fun!
Meet Mark, the Director of Global Nutrition and Communications at Nestlé Purina. With 14 years of experience at Purina and a PhD in Animal Nutrition, Mark understands the importance of high quality dog food and nutrition for our pets.