Does my dog need a diet dog food?

Does my dog need a diet dog food?

Of course you love your dog and want him to have a happy life of fetching, chasing, romping and jumping and pawing at the door to welcome you home. And it probably comes as no surprise to you that one way to help ensure your dog’s healthy life is to help him maintain a healthy weight.

Does my dog need a diet dog food?

If your best buddy needs a weight management dog food to drop a pound or two to live his healthiest life, it’s important to make sure that any dog food diet you choose still gives him the nutrition he needs, as well as the taste enjoyment he deserves, craves and loves.

Many veterinarians recommend a low fat dry dog food for dogs that need to drop a bit of weight. What does it mean when your vet suggests a low fat option? As a rule, they are referring to formulas with no more than 9% crude fat. While cutting fat can promote healthy weight loss, it’s important to remember that the weight control dog food you choose shouldn’t cut too much protein.

Why is protein so important for your dog’s health? Your dog needs protein to maintain lean, strong muscles. Without those strong muscles, his mobility can suffer and he may not be able to do the activities he most enjoys. So choose your dog’s new food carefully and check the amount of protein.

Putting your dog on a diet dog food has numerous benefits. Maintaining his ideal body condition can help your dog avoid a number of weight-related health problems. In the long run, carrying around extra weight could lead to heart failure, hypothyroidism and osteoarthritis. At a healthy weight, however, he can live a happier life with fewer complications.

Brands like Beneful® allow you to give your best buddy the best of both worlds. So get out there and exercise your right to give your dog a happy, healthy and tasty life.

Learn more about Beneful's Healthy Weight recipes here.

Does my dog need a diet dog food?
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