Treat your dog to Beneful® Healthy Smile and Baked Delights® dog snacks. Your dog will love discovering the delightful varieties, tastes and textures of these treats!
Support every moment of your puppy's development with tips on proper feeding and nutrition and pointers on what to look forward to throughout his first year.
Does your dog howl for Chopped Blends™, hunger for Medleys or beg for Beneful® Prepared Meals™? Does he prefer more sauce or less in his wet food? Does he like mixing wet food with dry for the best of both worlds?

If you have a small breed dog, you know that those little bodies can come with some very large opinions. Especially when it comes to food. When choosing a dog food for small dogs, the first step to picking one your dog will love is to step into his (somewhat tiny) shoes.

Whether your dog is an Originals lover, a Beneful® newcomer, a little guy who wants kibble made just for him, or an adventurer who needs some extra nourishment, help him stay healthy and happy with these feeding recommendations.
It probably comes as no surprise that dogs enjoy the taste of chicken. (Right now your dog is licking his chops in enthusiastic agreement.) If you won’t take your best buddy’s word for it, take a look through any pet food aisle. You’ll find the answer to “Can I Feed My Dog Chicken Dog Food” very quickly.

Your dog is your best buddy. And you want him to have a food that gives him flavor and variety, as well as quality nutrition to fuel his taste for play.

It’s a common question for dog owners. You look at your dog, and you see the adoring face of your best buddy. Then you look at the body between the attentive eyes and wagging tail and wonder if your buddy has gotten a little bigger than he should be.

Of course you love your dog and want him to have a happy life of fetching, chasing, romping and jumping and pawing at the door to welcome you home. And it probably comes as no surprise to you that one way to help ensure your dog’s healthy life is to help him maintain a healthy weight.

Feeding a puppy the best dog food and making smart lifestyle choices help set the tone for your pet to grow up healthy and happy. Decisions you make now affect his growth, development, and even his behavior. With so much to take into consideration, where should you start?

With so many dog food choices available, it can be hard to tell which type is the best dog food for your pet—wet or dry? For example, Purina® Beneful® has plenty of options for both wet dog food and dry dog food. Let’s take a closer look at the differences and benefits of each type of food.

You want the best for your best buddy. Which means you want the food you choose to be one he loves – and one that loves him back, with the quality nutrition he needs to live his best life. So how do you know if the food you’re considering is a healthy food for dogs?