Should Your Dog Be Eating Dry Dog Food?

Should Your Dog Be Eating Dry Dog Food?

Dog owners who decide to feed a dry dog food are certain to find an overwhelming array of mealtime options. Look at any pet food aisle, and you’ll see the proof filling the shelves.

Dry dog foods are a popular choice for many reasons, not the least of which are the teeth cleaning benefits of the crunchy kibble. In fact, many dry foods are created with kibble specially formulated and shaped to clean your dog’s teeth as he chews.

Should Your Dog Be Eating Dry Dog Food?

While you of course want to care for your best buddy’s teeth and overall health, you also want him to be delighted with every meal. That’s why brands like Beneful® have created dry dog food blends that combine crunchy kibble with tender, soft morsels for enticing texture variety.

In addition to a combination of appealing shapes and textures, Beneful® dry dog foods enhance mealtime with recipes featuring an array of wholesome ingredients including grains, real meat and accents of vegetables. These ingredients are combined to create blends that are complete and balanced to provide 100% of the daily nutrition your dog needs for each life stage. They are also formulated to meet nutritional levels established by AAFCO, the Association of American Feed Control Officials. Just as important, they are made with your dog’s enjoyment in mind. Because what good is a nutritious dog food if your best buddy won’t eat it?

If you decide that a dry food for dogs is right for your dog, remember that your options go beyond a dry kibble-only blend. Be sure to also explore blends that bring more taste, texture, and enjoyment to your dog’s bowl.

Check out our wide range of dry dog good recipes here. Learn more about the AAFCO in our FAQ section.

Should Your Dog Be Eating Dry Dog Food?
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