Dog Park Tips

Dog Park Fundraising 101| Beneful® Dream Dog Park

Once you’ve done the preliminary work to start your dog park project, it’s time to rally financial support through fundraising. Here are a few steps you can take to help turn your dog park project dream into reality.

1.Talk to Your City or Township

Having City approval of the project is critical to opening or renovating a dog park on public land in your community and establishing the overall project budget and timeline. Many communities rely on a mix of government and private funding to bring dog park projects to life, so work with local officials to fully understand what your fundraising goal is. To find out more about the steps needed to start a new dog park, click here [LINK to Start a Dog Park PDF].

2.Set Your Fundraising Goals

Once you understand the role that public fundraising will play in the overall project, analyze the needs and decide if you should set a single financial goal or break down your effort into phases. For a new dog park, a phased approach may allow you to raise the most critical funding more quickly to ensure the dog park has the basic necessities in order to open. From there, future efforts can focus on making the dog park even better through upgrades.

3.Assemble Your Team

If you’re ready to fundraise, you likely already have a solid group of supporters and volunteers in place. Now is the time to activate them to help with planning and fundraising efforts. Set up a meeting to talk through your goals, make a plan and assign roles. This is also a good time to set up an email or Facebook group to keep in touch, rally the team and keep everyone on task.

4.Harness Your Passion

Work with the volunteer team to create a mission statement for your efforts that clearly communicates your goals and how donating money to this project will impact your community and benefit dog owners.

5.Make Donating Easy & Shareable

Consider using a platform like GoFundMe [INCLUDE GOFUNDME LINK] to collect donations and track progress. Encourage donors to share the campaign link to generate more awareness and contributions. This year, the Beneful Dream Dog Park Project team will be supporting many GoFundMe dog park projects throughout the year with donation matches to help bring more dog park dreams to life.

6.Tap Local Businesses For Support

Having local businesses of all sizes support the project can be a win/win to raise funds and build goodwill for them with potential customers. Dog-focused and dog-friendly service providers, shops and restaurants may have a particular interest in supporting the dog park.

7.Start With Good Old-Fashioned Community Grassroots Fundraising

Engage the community in the project by posting informational flyers in high traffic places and at local businesses and hosting fundraising events to get friends and neighbors involved (and invested). Some event ideas include trivia nights, dog washes, bake sales, barbecues, and dog-friendly fun runs.