Dog Park Tips

Renovating a Dog Park | Beneful® Dream Dog Park

While you and your dog love your local dog park, there is likely some room for improvement to make it even better. Here are some of our tips to get you started in renovating and revitalizing your local dog park.

Volunteer Your Time: Most dog parks are either officially or unofficially ran by volunteer groups. Typically, the people who frequent the dog park will work together to make sure the dog park is well maintained and that dog owners who use the park are following the rules. If your dog park has a formal volunteer group, join it. If it doesn’t, consider starting one and leading the charge to make it the best dog park in the area.

Join Forces With Fellow Dog Lovers: Whether you’re leading the pack or simply volunteering, the best way to get things done is to work together. Chances are that if you see the need for improvements in your dog park, others do too, so start (or join) the conversation and compare notes on potential projects and upgrades that will make a place you love even better.

Make a Project List: With a team in place, and a shared understanding of the general needs, make a prioritized list of updates and upgrades you’d like to tackle for the dog park. Work together to determine the costs and time commitment needed to accomplish each item on the list and make a plan and timeline for completing each project.

Share Your Plan: If your dog park is owned and maintained by your local government, make sure officials are aware of the improvement needs and approve your plans to make the upgrades. This is also a good time to ask city officials if they have budget available to help fund some or all of the projects. Even if money isn’t available, they may be willing to donate extra landscaping materials and/or manpower to help.

Gather the Funding: If fundraising is needed, set goals and get to work. Make your needs clear to dog owners who frequent the dog park and ask them for financial contributions. After all, they will benefit most from the upgrades. Area businesses may also be willing to chip in. For fundraising tips and ideas, see our Fundraising 101 guide.

Rally the Troops: When funding is secured, schedule a dog park community cleanup day (or days) to complete the improvements. Post flyers at the dog park and at local businesses that are dog friendly or dog focused. If possible, submit the event on local event calendars and message boards to spread the word.

Note: It is best if dogs are not allowed in the dog park on work days since a variety of tools may be in use.

• Make sure your work days are organized and all volunteers have the tools and materials needed to complete the project.