Inside Beneful

Inside Beneful


Purina® employees worldwide are fully committed to the physical and emotional health of your dogs, ensuring the quality and safety of Beneful® Brand Dog Food, a product you can feel confident about.

Meet Bob, the manager for ingredient quality at Nestlé Purina. As an expert in food safety and quality, Bob works to maintain the high ingredient standards for Beneful dog food and other Purina pet food products.

Meet Chris, a member of the team that buys the pet food ingredients at Nestlé Purina including Beneful dog food. Quality is a top priority for our ingredients.

Meet Kim, a Project Manager on the Beneful Brand team. Get a firsthand look inside the Purina Headquarters in St. Louis, and see what inspires Kim to be part of the Beneful Brand team.

Beneful® dog food gives Tom’s dog, Bentley, the energy and nutrition he needs to lead a happy and healthy life!

Robert’s dogs mean everything to him, which is why he’s fully committed to the quality and safety of Beneful® dog food.

Meet Mark, the Director of Global Nutrition and Communications at Nestlé Purina. With 14 years of experience at Purina and a PhD in Animal Nutrition, Mark understands the importance of high quality dog food and nutrition for our pets.

Eric believes in Beneful® dog food’s motto, “Ship it where you produce it,” because he knows that attention to detail is key to the quality and safety of Beneful®.

Meet Janet, the leader of the Nutrition Research team at Nestlé Purina. With a PhD in Animal Nutrition, Janet and her team of experts understand the nutrition that is in Beneful dog food.

Purina® employee, Cliff, is confident about feeding Beneful® dog food to his Cocker Spaniel, Cheddar, because he sees the quality that goes into making it every day.

Meet Kevin, the Manager of Technical Operations at Nestlé Purina. Growing up on a farm has given Kevin a unique perspective on the ingredients and processes that go into making high quality dog food.