Is Beef Dog Food The Right Option For Your Dog?

Is Beef Dog Food the Right Option for Your Dog?

Any dog owner who has done their homework knows that there are a multitude of real meat dog food options to choose from, in dry, wet and other forms. And of these choices, many are beef dog food.

Is Beef Dog Food the Right Option for Your Dog?

The popularity of beef as a dog food ingredient is no accident. In fact, there are good (and even delicious) reasons why real beef has become such an important ingredient in the foods so many dogs eat.

Beef is a healthy, natural source of the protein your dog needs. It provides essential amino acids, which your dog’s body uses to build muscle. In addition, amino acids contain B vitamins, which help with energy metabolism.

Plus, if your best buddy is like most dogs, the taste of real beef is something he instinctively loves. That’s why you’ll find real beef on the ingredient labels of many of the quality foods from brands such as Beneful®.

In fact, Beneful® offers dog food options with real beef in every category, from dry and tender kibble blends like Beneful® IncrediBites® to wet blends such as Beneful® IncrediBites® .

Remember, if you want to switch your dog to a beef dog food, be sure to take 7 to 10 days to transition him gradually, to avoid digestive upset. But first, start shopping! You’ll find plenty of choices to delight your dog with the beef flavor he craves, in a healthy dog food with real beef. That’s good news for you both!

Check out Beneful’s wide range of beef dog food recipes here.

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