How Can I Find a Healthy Dog Food?

How Can I Find a Healthy Dog Food?

You want the best for your best buddy. Which means you want the food you choose to be one he loves – and one that loves him back, with the quality nutrition he needs to live his best life. So how do you know if the food you’re considering is a healthy food for dogs?

The signs you should look for can be found on the label of every Beneful® wet and dry food.

How Can I Find a Healthy Dog Food?

Like all healthy dog foods, Beneful foods are made not only to satisfy your dog’s desire for taste and variety, but also to meet or exceed standards set by AAFCO, the organization responsible for establishing model regulations, labeling and nutritional standards, and ingredient definitions for pet foods.

That’s why on all Beneful labels you’ll find assurance of nutrition that’s 100% complete and balanced for each life stage, based on stringent standards established by AAFCO. and substantiated by laboratory analysis, feeding trials, or analysis comparable in nutritional adequacy.

Another sign of a healthy dog food is the quality of its ingredients. For example, because Beneful is a Purina brand, its ingredients come exclusively from suppliers that meet Purina’s strict standards for ingredient specifications, product safety, sanitation and manufacturing practices.

These are qualities you should look for in a healthy food for dogs. So take the time to make a healthy choice for your dog. It’s one more way to create a happy life for you both to share.

Check out our Healthy Weight recipes here. Learn more about the AAFCO standards in our FAQ section.

How Can I Find a Healthy Dog Food?
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