What Can I Feed My Dog?

What Can I Feed My Dog?

Your dog is your best buddy. And you want him to have a food that gives him flavor and variety, as well as quality nutrition to fuel his taste for play.

What Can I Feed My Dog?

When it comes to what to feed dogs, the Beneful® brand believes in health, variety and flavor. Whether you choose one of our dry or wet foods, make sure you know what to look for in a quality food.

The search for what to feed your dog should start with a closer look at dog food labels. In this case you can, and should, judge a book by its cover. For example, all Beneful® wet and dry formulas are labeled 100% complete and balanced for each life stage, based on stringent standards established by AAFCO. AAFCO establishes model regulations, labeling and nutritional standards, as well as ingredient definitions. This is your assurance that the Beneful variety recommended for your dog’s life stage will give him all of the protein and other essential nutrients he needs to help him live his best.

While you’re studying labels, look for guidelines on how much to feed a dog. These recommended feeding amounts are based on your dog’s weight. Choose the amount that best aligns with your dog’s needs, and be sure to feed it consistently, as instructed on your package. For adult dogs, many experts recommend dividing the daily food amount into two feedings.

Once you determine how much and how often to feed your dog, pay attention to his weight to make sure he’s maintaining an ideal body condition – one that keeps him well-proportioned, with an easily observable waist behind his ribcage. Also, be sure to visit your veterinarian regularly.

By taking these steps, you can find your best buddy a food that’s good for him; and make his meals something you can both feel good about.

Check out Beneful's wide range of wet and dry dog food recipes here.

What Can I Feed My Dog?
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